Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Not using your customer data wisely?
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A solution for efficient commercial contact management

Ensuring customer loyalty is vital for companies. In fact, winning a customer back is between seven and ten times cheaper than finding a new one. To make sure that you retain your customers, you really have to know them.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) is a solution that can be used to manage commercial contacts more efficiently (potential customers, customers, suppliers, partners). Properly deployed, this tool is constantly fed with information linked to each commercial contact in a company. It enables very precise targeting of the people to be contacted, whether for loyalty or prospecting actions.

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Total services
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  • Drafting your specifications
  • Providing support for the use of your data

7 good reasons to put a CRM solution in place

  • 1

    To make the most of the wealth your customers represent for your company

  • 2

    To keep your sales staff informed via extensive analyses (RFM, PARETO, CHURNERS, etc.)

  • 3

    To prepare efficiently for the introduction of a loyalty programme

  • 4

    To keep a full record of your customers, even when a member of your sales team leaves

  • 5

    To put in place a efficient management reporting system

  • 6

    To centralise customer information in one place

  • 7

    To make it much easier to implement all your direct marketing actions (mailing, e-mailing, telemarketing, etc.)

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