Help desk

Need remote technical assistance?
Consider outsourcing your call centre!

Effective assistance for your customers

A call centre is a platform for providing remote assistance to customers in the areas of customer service, technical support, and support for a company’s personnel in using a specific tool.

The help desk officer is responsible for handling incoming and outgoing phone calls and e-mails. Help desk staff guide and advise the callers while also managing their specific requests and complaints.

Expansion’s added value

Our team of experienced operators answers calls from your contacts during a specific period, for example during a trade fair, for a specific sales action, in connection with an e-commerce site, etc.

Some of our team’s strengths:
  • Competent, highly qualified, multilingual, high added-value operators
  • Opening of a specific phone line and e-mail address for your project
  • Daily management of incoming calls and e-mails
  • Flexible, adaptable service
  • Detailed end-of-mission reporting based on criteria set during the briefing
  • Proposals for additional actions
  • Installation of an answering machine

Invaluable support when your work days are already full to the brim!

4 good reasons to rely on an efficient help desk

  • 1

    To centralise your sales and customer service departments

  • 2

    To save time

  • 3

    To reduce your sales-related business costs

  • 4

    To benefit from reporting that lets you adjust your offer

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