Your website cannot be read on tablets and smartphones?
Adapt it to mobile devices!

Win over mobile users!

In Belgium, Internet connections from mobile phones and digital tablets have been increasing steadily. It thus is important to adapt your website so that it can be read on each of these devices, especially as that will also have a positive effect on your SEO. That is what is called ‘responsive design’.

There are three possibilities:

  • The responsive site: when a website is created, all of its content is optimised for optimal reading on all devices.

  • The web application: Just a part of the content can be read on mobile devices. That is the ideal solution for existing websites.

  • The creative of a downloadable native application, with or without enhanced reality, which must give the website added value.

And convert the many hits that you get from these devices into business!

Expansion’s added value

As for any online operation, opting for responsive design calls for deep thought about the users’ specific characteristics: their needs, behaviour, and so on.

Our M-Commerce experts are on top of today’s mobile trends and know the new technologies. Depending on your aims and targets, they will guide you to a web app, a responsive site, or a native application.

7 good reasons to opt for responsive design

  • 1

    To meet Internet surfers’ demands for being able to access all content ‘anytime, anywhere, [on] any device’ (ATAWAD)

  • 2

    To re-invent only the part of Internet browsing that is intended for mobile devices, without having to develop a whole new site

  • 3

    To improve your online campaigns’ ROIs

  • 4

    To reach your target in real time

  • 5

    To reduce the bounce rate

  • 6

    To offer your visitors easier reading

  • 7

    To improve your SEO

Some references in this field:

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