Telemarketing (sales force support)

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Telephone canvassing, a profession in its own right

Prospecting for and winning new customers is vital for businesses, which lose 50% of their customers, on average, every five years. Relying on a sales team specialised in the art of persuasion over the phone can prove a life-saver in such a context.

Some possible application (B2B or B2C):
  • Investigating a new market
  • Enriching your database
  • Making mystery calls
  • Collecting data on your targets’ expectations
  • Getting appointments with prospects
  • Increasing your sales
  • Boosting the outcomes of your mailing and e-mailing campaigns (reminders by phone), etc.


Expansion’s added value

Expansion supports your sales force in the context of specific actions or campaigns.

Your advantages:
  • Rapid understanding of your request, sector, goals, and philosophy
  • Strategic thinking and advice about the actions to take
  • A precise definition of the targets to reach
  • An experienced, competent, multilingual team that is flexible and trained for the job
  • The guarantee that your image will not suffer
  • Regular, professional reporting

7 good reasons to outsource your phone canvassing

  • 1

    To let you concentrate on your core business

  • 2

    To spare your sales people a lengthy and fastidious task

  • 3

    To get support in the case of a one-off rise in activity

  • 4

    To save time and gain in efficiency

  • 5

    To get appointments with quality prospects

  • 6

    To increase your sales cost-effectively

  • 7

    To prepare the terrain effectively for your sales personnel

Some references in this field:

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