Web ergonomics

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Web ergonomics, the key to conversion

Do you online actions already bring visitors to your Internet site? That’s good, but not enough! You still have to keep them and get them to act to your advantage.

To improve the odds of conversion, a website must therefore:

  • have a clear, sober, and simple structure,

  • offer accessible content,

  • load quickly,

  • be interactive, and

  • direct visitors toward one or more objectives.

That is the web ergonomist’s task. S/he steps in upstream from the graphic creation in order to lay out all the elements of your website’s content in line with its users. S/he thinks about the most effective conversion tunnel and eliminates all obstacles that might bother your visitors.

Expansion’s added value

Ergonomics is above all a matter of thinking about and structuring information in line with a well-defined target.

Our in-house experts

  • analyse your visitors’ behaviour,
  • restructure your content in line with its user experience,
  • advise you on your website’s usability, and
  • run tests to determine the effectiveness of one structure over another.

Result: Your bounce rate drops while your conversion rate increases!

5 good reasons to rely on an ergonomist for your website

  • 1

    To improve your site’s conversion rate

  • 2

    To benefit from expertise in the area of user experience

  • 3

    To have a website that is more pleasant and intuitive for your visitors

  • 4

    To cover ergonomic considerations before creating the graphics

  • 5

    To detect possible problems in your current website

Some references in this field:

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