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Web analytics: Analyse, optimise!

The aim of web analytic tools, the best known of which is Google Analytics, is to improve the ROI of an Internet site. Simply measuring your site’s traffic is not enough. To optimise your web presence, you must be able to measure very accurately the cost per acquisition and to do fine analyses of your visitors’ behaviour. Of course, you first will have to set your Internet site’s specific goals.

The information that web analytics gives you includes

  • the number of hits that your Internet site gets (per day, per month, etc.)

  • the pages that are consulted most

  • the percentage of visitors who took a specific action (online purchase, newsletter subscription, etc.)

Once this information is analysed, you will be able to take the right decisions to ensure a high return on your investment.

Expansion’s added value

Our web statistics experts are completely familiar with Google Analytics.

Before anything else, the aims of the analysis must be established:

  • reduce the acquisition cost

  • create more quality traffic

  • increase the number of sales

  • and so on.

Based on regularly collected information about your website’s performance, our experts give you guidance in optimising your newsletters, e-mail campaigns, SEA and SEO, ergonomics, etc., and even your ‘hardcopy’ promotional actions. Scorecards tailored to your business on the Internet are also provided.

5 good reasons to monitor your website’s performance

  • 1

    To have a comprehensive picture of your website’s and promotional actions’ performance

  • 2

    To optimise your online actions

  • 3

    To improve the return on investment of your presence on the Web

  • 4

    To meet your strategic objectives

  • 5

    To have scorecards to assist in decision-making

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