Year 2014

Satisfaction survey


To periodically evaluate satisfaction among PT users in relation to their different interactions with PT services: bus journeys, visits to Maisons de la Mobilité (government associations in charge of promoting alternative mobility) and other PT ticket offices, phone contact, lodging of complaints, visits to website, visits to Facebook page, PT services.


  • Satisfaction survey conducted in line with the target audience: e-mails sent to subscribers, banner campaigns on the site
  • Poster campaign in buses and Maisons de la Mobilité inviting visitors to answer the questionnaire online


For the third consecutive time, Expansion has been commissioned to conduct this study. Over 9,500 people have answered the satisfaction survey. This excellent participation rate provides highly accurate statistics. The error margin of the survey is therefore valued at 1%.

The acronym PT or Public Transport refers to five public transport companies which operate in Wallonia: Walloon Brabant PT, Charleroi PT, Hainaut PT, Liège-Verviers PT and Namur-Luxembourg PT.