About us

About us

A full range of marketing and communication services to achieve your objectives!

Concrete results in line with your strategic objectives: thats what Expansion aims to deliver. To do this, we offer public- and private-sector organisations appropriate and pragmatic marketing and communication solutions.

The agency Expansion combines all the skills found in a marketing and communication department in a single structure: a multidisciplinary team of 35 colleagues who pool their expertise with a view to developing your brand further.

Growth guaranteed!

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Where do you stand in terms of marketing and communication?

Answer the questions in this test to map out your marketing and communication priorities.

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Do you follow the development of your strengths and weaknesses in marketing and communication as well as the threats and opportunities (market, competition, environment, etc.) in a formalised way?
Is your marketing and communication formalised in a document (marketing plan and communication plan)?
Do you have reliable information about your clients and potential clients encoded in a client relations management tool (CRM)?
Do you assess the return on your marketing actions?
Is your advertising expenditure set out and organised in a media plan?
Do your communication media follow a single, consistent graphic line laid down in a graphic charter?
Do you have a high-performance website?
If you have a website, does it ensure efficient SEO?
Do you use the full potential of online advertising to make yourself known and generate qualified traffic on your website?
Do you assess the satisfaction of your clients?