Make your event a success!

The task of organising an event is not to be underestimated. Good preparation is absolutely indispensable, just as creativity and organisational talent are.

To make an event successful, it is imperative to:

  • define one’s target audience, one’s aim and one’s budget
  • choose the type of event and the common theme
  • appoint an organisational team
  • choose a place and a date
  • define a plan
  • establish a communication plan
  • develop a plan.

The positives of Expansion

Are you looking for a team committed to making your event a success? Expansion has made event planning one of its specialities. We can manage events comprehensively (logistics, technical aspects, sales events, special offers, catering, etc.) or step in just to support you in certain particulars.

Your advantages with Expansion:
  • Great flexibility
  • Creative ideas
  • Tried and tested methodology (check-lists)
  • An experienced team
  • High-quality partners
  • Events communication consistent with your strategy
  • Rigorous compliance with planning and your requirements.

Looking for an experienced partner to organise your event?

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5 good reasons for organising an event

  • To create or strengthen relations with customers or partners

  • To mobilise your partners and strengthen team spirit

  • To present a new service/product

  • To disseminate information

  • To celebrate a key moment in the life of the organisation.

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