Screens for advising, informing or selling

The dynamic display, an effective and customisable solution for communicating in points of sale, in companies, to patients, to students, etc. From advertising screens to interactive information points, and not to mention screen walls, opt for a form of audiovisual media which creates a feeling of familiarity!

In points of sale > Increase your clients’ average spend!

A screen triggers ten times as much visual contact as a paper display and generates a sales increase of 20 to 60%. Placed near the tills, in the windows or on the shelves, a dynamic display in store allows you to:

  • promote a product or a service

  • get the word out on promotions or special actions

  • provide your clients with practical advice

  • remind them of your opening hours or an exceptional opening

In waiting rooms > Provide information and reduce perceived waiting times!

Placing a screen in a waiting room allows you to:

  • greatly reduce your visitors’ perceived waiting time
  • provide them with practical advice
  • bring them fun and attractive information: weather updates, traffic news, live news, etc.
In your company > Communicate with your partners effectively!

At the counter, in the canteen, in the workshop or in meeting rooms, the dynamic display in a company is a very effective solution for:

  • mobilising your staff
  • recalling safety regulation in force in the factory
  • passing on internal messages to your partners
  • making your visitors’ wait pleasant

The dynamic display can also be used in further education and university institutions to provide students with information (hours, various activities, etc.).

How does it work?

The content is hosted on a server connected to a player. Linked to the screen in your point of sale, this player broadcasts this information. Content updates can be completed in real time and remotely.

Expansion’s added value

Expansion proposes a flexible dynamic display offer:

  • analysis and advice as to the strategic positioning of your screens and messages to be broadcast
  • superior quality material
  • complete and professional installation
  • creation and update of relevant and effective content
  • reflection about the broadcasting schedule for this content
  • secure hosting
  • helpdesk and maintenance
  • advertising production

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5 good reasons to adopt digital signage

  • To catch visitors, passers-by and clients

  • To effectively reach a target audience

  • To significantly modernise your image

  • To reduce perceived waiting times in queues or in waiting rooms

  • To manage the content of several apparatuses simultaneously, remotely and in real time

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