How can you promote your company in the press?

Whether to create relationships with the written press, the web press or the audiovisual press, this approach doesn’t come easily and must be approached professionally.

Before communicating with the press, ensure that your information is:

  • objective, well-argued and sound
  • original and unpublished
  • of real interest for the reader (and therefore the journalist)
  • targeted according to the major media categories and/or according to their sections.
  • disseminated at the right time.

If one of these criterion is not met, don’t waste your time: the journalist will ignore your press release.

The press relations tools are:

  • an updated journalists’ database
  • the press release
  • the press pack
  • organisation of press briefings, press conferences or press visits.

The positives of Expansion

In addition to an in-depth knowledge of the way in which journalists operate, Expansion possesses many strengths in the area of press relations:

  • comprehensive management: from the drafting of press releases and results monitoring, to the production of press packs, dissemination and re-launches
  • the press release’s angle of attack and the press database is adapted to the information you wish to disseminate to the public you are addressing
  • the strength of the Dialogue network for international press relations
  • a supported network of journalists
  • a pragmatic and results-orientated approach
  • a network of capable partners for missions in very specific sectors.

Do you have relevant information to broadcast to the press?

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6 good reasons for using PR (press relations)

  • To disseminate information which is crucial (new product), financial (investment) or technical (patent, innovation)

  • To respond to an attack

  • To make your brand visible

  • To contribute to the company’s credibility

  • To develop and consolidate its image (internally)

  • To use and complement the action of another communication tool (sponsoring).