Opt for the best media strategy!

The media planner determines the best strategy in order to achieve the most widespread dissemination possible. Firstly it conducts an accurate analysis:

  • of different media used (press, radio, poster campaigns, television, cinema and Internet)
  • of the product to be promoted and its specific features
  • of competitors’ advertising choices
  • of target audiences.

On the basis of this essential information, it draws up the media plan including:

  • the media chosen
  • the materials within each category of media
  • the frequency and format of dissemination based on budgets available
  • the dissemination schedule
  • the method of evaluation.

The positives of Expansion

Based on a briefing bringing together the context, your campaign’s objectives, your targets, your budget, timing, etc., our experts can advise you about different media strategies enabling your cost/contact to be optimised.

Your guarantees:
  • The right media and materials are chosen in a fully neutral way
  • The best prices are negotiated thanks to our purchase volume
  • The optimal solution in terms of price and location
  • Time-saving: we manage all contacts with advertising bosses for you
  • Follow-up and monitoring of your campaigns: documentation, invoices, etc.


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5 good reasons for resorting to a media planner

  • To allocate your media investments as best as possible

  • To procure the data necessary for judging the value of a media space

  • To take advantage of sound knowledge of all media and their specific features

  • To take advantage of upstream preparation for your campaign’s evaluation

  • To have a single corresponding contact for quotation requests, negotiation, option taking, media

  • purchases, monitoring and reporting.