Web bannering: targeted action for real results

Various web marketing possibilities exist. One is to display promotional banners on relevant sites in the Google network or via media networks.

> Google Display campaigns

Thanks to Google AdWords, it is possible to select Google partner sites (Google Display) using a list of keywords in order to display your advertising banners on them. To enhance your visibility even more, it is advisable to design your static or animated banners in different formats.

> Remarketing campaigns

Remarketing (or retargeting) is a powerful tool to spark renewed interest in people who have already visited your website. Google AdWords likewise proposes this service. When these surfers browse Google partner sites, they will be shown your banners before all others to get them to return to your site for another visit or to finalise a transaction.

> Bannering via media networks

For more visibility, it is possible to display your banners on the general public sites that you choose by using a media network’s services. In such cases, the price is set by broadcasting period.

Expansion’s added value

Expansion has developed a result-oriented methodology for designing and doing web marketing. All the components required for a successful web marketing campaign are covered, namely,

  • setting the targets,
  • defining the target audience,
  • benchmarking,
  • drawing up a plan of action,
  • setting up indicators to gauge performance,
  • setting up the actions,
  • measuring the actions’ impacts, and
  • optimising outcomes.

Google Analytics is used to monitor performance in detail and thus measure the return on your investment.

Want to attract more qualified visitors to your site? Besides web bannering campaigns, we can manage your e-mailing, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and other social network campaigns, as well as your text-based Google AdWords campaigns.

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4 good reasons to rely on web bannering experts

  • To benefit from relevant analysis of the targeting required

  • To get quick, good-quality results

  • To enjoy the fruit of relevant optimisation of your campaign

  • To improve your Internet site’s visibility in record time

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