Stimulate your sales!

Sales promotion is defined as all actions which seek to trigger a purchase on the part of potential clients through an immediate material incentive. Following the direct target audience, it can take several forms.

To the final consumer
  • Demonstrations, sampling
  • Discount vouchers, coupons
  • Games, competitions, draws
  • Introductory prices (special))
  • Loyalty card
  • Direct, deferred, self-paying bonus, etc.
To the distribution network

The positives of expansion

For effective sales promotion, Expansion has implemented a methodology which has proven its worth:

  • Analysis of your problem and your circumstances
  • Definition of the aims of the promotion and the target audience
  • Analysis of reactions to promotional actions, particularly those of your competitors
  • Research into the most relevant promotional technique
  • Creation of different promotional material
  • Implementation of the promotional campaign
  • Evaluation of its effectiveness.

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6 good reasons for doing sales promotion

  • To put the consumer face-to-face with the product at the moment of purchase

  • To increase your sales in the short term

  • To develop your product’s reputation

  • To increase your market shares

  • To facilitate referencing to your products at the point of sale

  • To support your sales force’s market research.

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