The customer database: a real gold mine

The proportion of companies’ communication budgets allocated to relationship marketing (one-to-one marketing) is increasing year by year. The principle here involves putting customers at the heart of the company’s concerns. Precise knowledge of their consumption habits enables you to develop appropriate and personalised products or services.

All this essential information can be concentrated in a database. It can then be used for marketing purposes, as long as it is relevant and up to date.

Expansion’s assets

When using your database management tool, do you notice errors, inconsistencies, missing fields, etc.?

The more complete and regularly updated your database, the more targeted and effective your prospecting will be, and the greater your return on investment.

After carrying out an audit of your database, Expansion can help you make the most of your data by updating or enhancing them. We can also provide you with targeted data files..

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3 good reasons to update your databases regularly

  • To be sure that you have the correct contact details: on average, 10% of people in Belgium move every year

  • To put in place direct marketing actions, which are more effective than traditional advertising

  • To undertake B2B prospecting: direct contact is the best way of prospecting, but requires accurate data

Some references in this field: