Make your message easy to remember 

In addition to its effectiveness in reaching a wide audience, radio’s great stability is a solid value for advertisers. In 2012 in Belgium, radio was the most widely consumed media with 15.6 hours of weekly consumption on average.

Just some of the advantages of radio media:
  • The sound design embeds your message in your listeners’ memories
  • Radio commercials involve very affordable purchasing and production costs.
  • Radio is the media where advertising is avoided least.
  • Radio is a media which follows the consumer everywhere, including points of sale.

The positives of Expansion

Radio commercials require very precise drafting work Our copywriter therefore designs immediately comprehensible, impactful and easily memorable texts, everything often having to last for a very short period.

Expansion also guides you in:

  • the choice of voices and background music
  • the production of the brand’s jingle and sound signature
  • the dissemination plan for your commercials as per your briefing

Our tactics for creating a good radio commercial:

  • defining the real call to action
  • putting ourselves in the listener’s shoes
  • finding a fresh and original idea
  • putting humour to good use
  • resorting to good actors.

Do you want to create an effective radio commercial?

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4 good reasons for advertising via radio media

  • To create spontaneous awareness at a reduced cost

  • To generate a reaction from your consumers

  • To reach your target audience precisely

  • To advertise to a faithful market which is quickly and easily reachable.