What is a communication plan?

Do you wish to promote your business? Improve your image? Stimulate your target audiences? Win the loyalty of your contacts?

You therefore have to communicate, but how? When? To whom? Via what tools and actions? To optimise your ROI (Return On Investment), it is essential to work out a communication plan.

Born out of a communication strategy which defines beforehand:

  • your communication objectives
  • your targets
  • the image image and the messages to be disseminated
  • and your budget

the communication plan brings together all tools and communication actions to put in place over a given period.

The positives of Expansion

Expansion supports you in defining your strategy and assumes a consistent and effective communication plan.

You will enjoy:

  • our extensive practical experience
  • our pragmatism
  • a customised communication plan respecting your situation and your sector
  • creative tool propositions to put in place and actions to be taken.

Do you wish to define your organisation’s/your brand’s communication plan?

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5 good reasons for defining a communication plan

  • To makes your entire communications more consistent

  • To optimise the ROI of your communication actions

  • To reduces your expenses by optimising the use of media which are owned and provide free publicity

  • To provides tools for monitoring your communication (performance indicators)

  • To give a clear vision of your communication policy.