Knowing the effectiveness of one’s digital marketing

The website audit consists in analysing the various performance indicators: referencing, ergonomics, graphics, technology, etc.

It thus lets us:

  • know how effective your digital marketing is at a given point in time
  • measure your results
  • understand your Internet actions’ strengths and weaknesses

Based on these analyses, you will be able:

  1. to redirect your web marketing strategy
  2. to optimise your existing online actions
  3. to choose other relevant actions to put on the web in order to reach your strategic targets.

Expansion’s added value:

  • In-house experts in each field (referencing, ergonomics, graphics, etc.)
  • Specific recommendations by priority: ergonomics, graphics, development, conversion tunnel (acquisition > conversion > loyalty)
  • Thinking that focuses on your ROI
  • The possibility of doing a complete audit or an area audit (SEO, SEA, graphics, technology, etc.)
  • Comparison with your competitors’ sites

What is more, we use tools that yield a very precise audit based on a list of seventy criteria ranging from keywords to ergonomics with social network monitoring and graphics in between.

Need advice on the priority actions to undertake?

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5 good reasons for doing a website audit

  • Understanding your website’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Directing your Internet strategy and setting new objectives

  • Devising a profitable Internet strategy

  • Determining which improvements must be made first

  • Measuring the profitability of your Internet investment