Adjust your offer on the basis of facts!

Conducting surveys is a way to gather very useful information about:

  • what customers prefer about your services and products,
  • what they are unhappy with,
  • what your prospects know about you, and
  • how they perceive your brand or organisation.

This is all information that will let you adjust your offer accordingly.

Expansion’s added value

Depending on your needs, Expansion chooses the most important data collection method. Our teams of experienced pollsters are able to gather information via:

Our intervention, which ranges from creating the questionnaire to organising and running focus groups, followed by precise analysis of the answers obtained, enables you to adjust your product/service offer most effectively.

Need to know your targets’ opinions in order to expand your offer?

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4 good reasons to subcontract your data collection work

  • To save time

  • To benefit from the experience of specialists

  • To help your product development decision-making

  • To take advantage of comprehensive management

Some references in this field: