Pay attention to your product’s packaging

The first point of reference of a brand’s identity, packaging has different roles:

  • it serves to protect and conserve the product
  • it must facilitate its consumption
  • it is an essential vector for information and emotion
  • it must respond to the consumer’s purchasing and consumption motivations
  • it must have strong pulling power.

Between two similar products, the consumer will probably make a decision on the basis of packaging. This is therefore an element not to be neglected.

The positives of Expansion

Before creating your packaging, Expansion conducts a thorough preliminary examination of your market, your target audience and similar products offered by your competitors.

While complying with technical constraints relating to packaging and legal notices (size, shape, material, structure, etc.), we seek to optimise:

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6 good reasons for having high-quality packaging

  • To add value to the product

  • To deliver a message/a promise

  • To improve the image of the product and of the brand

  • To allow your product to stand out in a display

  • To draw the consumer’s attention

  • To increase or facilitate sales.