Encourage your target audiences to take action!

Direct marketing can be offered in various formats which you can combine, depending on your target audience’s habits: addressed mail shots, personalised e-mails, advertisement folders, fax-mailing, telemarketing, text messages, etc.

Thanks to its personalised format, direct marketing offers the main benefit of encouraging your target audiences to take action more readily. Use these tools to gather requests for information or meetings, orders, donations, etc.

Furthermore, direct marketing techniques provide an evaluation of the effectiveness of your actions and allow your return on investment to be measured easily.

The positives of Expansion

Direct marketing campaigns (direct mailing actions in particular) require excellent preparation, tests for identifying the most relevant actions, a good knowledge of techniques and the utmost professionalism in the implementation of those techniques.

Our advantages
  • Upstream reflection on your objectives and incorporation of your direct marketing campaign into your communication strategy
  • Analysis and purchase of relevant databases
  • Construction of the message so that the corresponding contact is encouraged to take the desired action
  • Completion of materials attached to direct mailing actions: cover letter, order form, response section, envelope, etc.
  • Precise reports on the effectiveness and return on investment of your actions
  • Precise knowledge of postal requirements
  • Option of managing all types of tools, whether they be online, linked to telemarketing or printed matter.

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5 good reasons for implementing direct marketing actions

  • To increase your sales by reaching your target audiences directly and personally

  • To win the loyalty of your key customers

  • To test specialised actions on a reduced sample

  • To easily measure your return on investment

  • To generate a reaction from your target audiences: generate traffic at your point of sale, on your website, encourage a new product or service to be tested, etc.