Give impact to your customer-loyalty actions

Whether it’s to announce a promotion or a contest, to send out an invitation, or to send out news, e-mailing is a particularly effective way to create customer loyalty.

The e-mail campaign has many advantages:

  • direct impact on carefully selected targets

  • speed and ease of use

  • drafting and distribution flexibility

  • low cost

  • real-time assessment of the return on your investment

The effectiveness of your e-mails will depend on the quality of your contacts database, among other things. Hence the importance of updating the database periodically.

Expansion’s added value

Based on prior strategic thinking, our experts design your e-mail campaigns so as to get a maximum return on the investment, whether they are B2B or B2C.

In addition, the fact that we use a professional e-mailing platform enables you:

  • to know exactly how your customers behave (click rate, open rate, etc.),

  • to assess your action’s performance in real time; and

  • to manage your contacts’ addresses efficiently (unsubscribing, wrong addresses).

By consolidating this information over time, we are able to produce highly instructive reports on optimising your web strategy.

Launching an action to create customer loyalty?

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5 good reasons to use e-mail campaigns

  • To keep in touch with your customers at regular intervals.

  • To reduce transmission costs compared with letters by the post.

  • To increase traffic toward your web media: Internet site, Facebook page, etc.

  • To analyse your ROI quickly.

  • To collect interesting information about your customers’ behaviour.