How to get quality traffic on your site ‘naturally’

To find information on the Web, most surfers use a search engine. Google is undeniably the leading search engine in the vast majority of countries today. The combination of keywords that the surfer types generates a list of search results. Now, 91% of Internet surfers do not look beyond the first page of results, while 71.5% do not go beyond the first three pages of search results. If your Internet site is to have a chance of being seen, you must thus optimise it for referencing.

There are two ways to be present in search engines:

A great many parameters are involved in SEO, but the decisive factors for a good ranking are:

  • the quality of your content

  • the technical quality of your site and

  • your website’s popularity as expressed by the links that lead to your site.

However, SEO is not an exact science. Google changes the rules regularly, which means that one constantly has to start afresh…

Expansion’s added value

  • In-house specialists of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): popularity management, production of relevant content, and technical optimisation of code

  • In-depth analysis of the most relevant keywords for your market

  • The use of tools that allow periodic testing of a site’s position, based on a specific keyword, compared with its competitors

  • Regular monitoring of your statistics; computation of the ROI and ratios

Your Internet site is not well ranked by Google?

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4 good reasons to use SEO specialists

  • To improve your Internet site’s visibility for search engines

  • To take advantage of in-depth analysis that gives rise to relevant optimisations

  • To benefit from their copywriting and technical expertise

  • To improve your position in Google’s search results