The rigour of statistics at the service of management

All marketing processes must be based on preliminary studies. Quantitative studies are surveys of broad samples of people to gather reliable facts and figures relating to strictly predefined criteria: profiles, habits, behaviour, preferences, etc.

These studies, which are often linked to qualitative studies, may then lead to statistical analyses and extrapolations covering the entire population surveyed.

Expansion’s assets

  • Professional software for online surveys and statistical analyses
  • Pool of multilingual interviewers for telephone or field surveys
  • Regular cooperation with universities
  • Total quantitative study management
  • Strategic and practical recommendations
  • Help with compiling a representative sample

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6 good reasons to conduct a quantitative study

  • To (in)validate the hypotheses put forward during qualitative studies

  • To analyse consumers’ sensitivity to price

  • To determine market potential

  • To carry out a poll among a defined population

  • To validate and prioritise your customers’ needs and expectations

  • To base your actions on reliable information and avoid being guided by preconceptions

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