Take care of your online image!

Before creating your website, start by developing an online presence strategy. Advantages? It will organise the actions to take and ensure the overall consistency of your approach.

An Internet site that is well thought out and well done can raise your profile and increase your turnover. If, in contrast, it is inappropriate, plagued by bugs, or incomplete, it can be counterproductive and harm your image.

That is why it is crucial to keep your site up to date. That means the design, content, ergonomics, and functions. Increasing its performance in terms of conversion and search engine optimization is also vital.

Expansion’s added value

Our in-house experts have all the necessary expertise for creating your Internet site from A to Z: ergonomics, responsive design, CMS (Drupal, Magento, Prestashop…), SEO techniques, drafting content and so on.

A few additional advantages
  • Quick studies who understand your needs

  • Proactiveness

  • Result-oriented approach: acquisition, engagement, consecration, and loyalty

  • Excellent value for money

  • Follow-up after online release: CMS training, debugging, etc.

Do you want to optimise your Internet site?

Get in touch with our experts!

9 good reasons for updating an Internet site

  • To enhance its performance

  • To adapt it to your new image

  • To optimise its ranking through SEO

  • To adapt it to mobile technology

  • To make it more ergonomic

  • To add to/update its content (new services or products) thanks to a CMS in particular

  • To adapt it to your targets’ new needs

  • To improve your image

  • To increase your turnover

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