An effective marketing strategy

Before expanding your online presence, deep thought about your marketing strategy is a must. Such thinking makes it possible to determine:

  • your aims: increasing sales, securing customer loyalty, raising your profile, expanding your contacts database, etc.;
  • your target audiences; and
  • their expectations and buying habits.
RENTIC assistance: a host of advantages

Wallonia offers SMEs assistance in setting up Internet sites and solutions. The main benefits of this aid are:

  • reduced costs (80% subsidy)
  • rapid implementation of the solution thanks to better understanding
  • a more profitable investment.

The advantages of our RENTIC consultant

Beyond simply carrying out your project, Expansion’s specialist works on the basis of comprehensive strategic thinking that encompasses user scenarios, comparative analysis, ergonomics, functional analysis, and so on

The RENTIC consultant: for profitable Internet tools!

Expansion’s Digital Solutions team includes a RENTIC consultant approved by Wallonia. You benefit from this consultant’s expertise in the areas of graphics, ergonomics, referencing, etc., throughout the project, for comprehensive specialised support from start to finish, i.e.,

  1. Marketing and business validation of the approach
  2. Benchmarking

  3. Tree structure of the Internet site and catalogue (if any)

  4. Preparation of and assistance with the design

  5. Mobile version

  6. SEO, SEA, SEM, sources of traffic, and links policy

  7. Reflection on ways to secure loyalty

  8. Functional analysis

  9. Selection of the technical partner

  10. Action and promotion plans

  11. Operational monitoring of implementation

Are you launching an e-commerce project that may be eligible for bonuses and subsidies?

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8 good reasons for setting a web strategy

  • To increase a project’s chances of success

  • To be eligible for RENTIC assistance (80% subsidy)

  • To choose the most relevant web tools

  • To improve an Internet site’s ranking on search engines’ results pages

  • To increase one’s online sales

  • To acquire new consumers

  • To secure customer loyalty

  • To get a complete set of specifications, if needed