Effective content for powerful online actions

Your web pages’ presentation is important to attract more viewers, but a pretty face is not enough… Proposing relevant content that is suited to the medium, target audience, and ultimate aim is crucial. That is the Web copywriter’s task: writing texts that are maximally effective for both flesh-and-blood visitors and search engines. This can also prove very useful to raise your site’s rankings.

Content management

The copywriter can also play a part in updating your web site at regular intervals with news, new products or services, promotions, events, etc. Not only will such updates boost search engine optimisation, but they will also prompt your target to come back to your site.

Expansion’s added value

Our team has the necessary in-house expertise to write quality web content: effective, attractive texts that take account of search engine optimisation requirements

All types of web content may be considered:

Each of these types of content is drafted to serve your purposes.

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5 good reasons to use a web copywriter

  • To optimise your site’s ranking through SEO

  • To lead customers to your Internet site and hold their attention

  • To secure customer loyalty

  • To guide customers toward the desired action (conversion)

  • Because web copywriting is a profession in its own right