An e-shop that makes converts

More than half of the people in Belgium have already made an online purchase. Creating an e-commerce site means getting closer to all those potential customers. But how? Where does one start? Online vending is not for amateurs! It calls for both strategic thinking and the use of tools with proven effectiveness.

What is more, once the tool is in place, promoting it is probably even more important. One may dream of being flooded with orders, but wake up to a cold shower. A plan for promoting products on line is thus fundamental.

Aid for launching your e-commerce site

Expansion’s added value

Beyond a purely Web-oriented approach, our team of in-house experts think first about your marketing strategy. Are your products and services suitable for online vending? Who are your customers? How do they behave? What are their specific needs?

Once these questions are answered,

  • we work with you to set your specific needs and select the right e-commerce tool

  • we assist you with your sales and logistic processes and the procedures for applying for subsidies and aid

  • we set up the promotion and loyalty plan for your e-commerce site, a plan designed to generate quality traffic to your site and to convert these perusals into orders

  • we monitor your performance statistics to optimise your online actions at regular intervals.

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5 good reasons to create an e-commerce site

  • To be where your customers buy

  • To be where your competitors are

  • To lower your costs

  • To manage your inventory more easily

  • To broaden your customer catchment area

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