Satisfaction study = proactive management

A satisfaction study not only helps identify unhappy customers and take action. Properly conducted,

It can give you the answers to various questions, such as:  

  • Will your customers go on working with you in the future?
  • What areas does your company need to focus its efforts on?
  • What points do you have to take action on to be better than your competitors?
  • What aspects should you communicate to stand out from the competition?
  • How are your customers’ expectations evolving?
  • What new products or services should you offer them in the future?

Expansion’s assets

To answer these questions, Expansion develops customised satisfaction studies based on a number of data collection methods: 

  • online surveys
  • telephone surveys
  • field surveys
  • discussion groups, etc.

Our study reports contain a wide range of practical recommendations. Depending on the importance that your customers attach to the various satisfaction criteria, you will be able to prioritise the various actions suggested.

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10 good reasons to conduct a satisfaction study

  • To improve your products and services

  • To satisfy customers and thus gain their loyalty

  • To avoid unhappy customers, who complain about you to others around them but rarely to you directly.

  • To follow the development of customer satisfaction over time

  • To listen to unhappy customers who, once you have heard what they have to say, will remain loyal to you

  • To show your customers that you are interested in them

  • To identify the key elements in your range of products or services

  • To identify new opportunities among your customers

  • To increase your staff’s awareness of your customers’ expectations

  • To comply with standard ISO 9001

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