Attract your target audiences to your stand or to you points of sale!

An intelligently designed stand or building will give your brand a modern image.

An exhibition can’t do without a well thought out stand!

A stand must convey a company’s/a brand’s image, the messages it wishes to transmit, and the product or services it is offering to visitors. If well thought out, it will attract visitors and encourage them to approach it.

A well decorated building

An attractive logo, an interior design and well designed signage are elements to be incorporated into a communication plan. Developed in line with the company’s visual identity, they will make your brand more credible.

The positives of Expansion

Are you participating in an exhibition? Or do you want to decorate or adorn your building in line with your visual identity?

Expansion can help you to design and develop your stand or your interior or exterior decorations.

Specialising in temporary facilities and exhibition sets, we can maximise the benefits of your presence at an exhibition.

Need to enhance your brand image at an exhibition or at a point of sale?

Contact our experts!

3 good reasons for making a stand/a building attractive

  • To improve your image among your clients and suppliers and to improve your prospects

  • To attract visitors during an exhibition or at a point of sale

  • To increase your visibility and your sales.

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