Follow the development of marketing and communication

Things move fast and often in the world of marketing and communication. The constant emergence of new media, ever more refined targeting techniques, major changes in consumers’ requirements, etc.,- are all indicators that justify the need for very regular training, notably as regards:

  • study marketing
  • marketing and communication plans
  • loyalty policy
  • sales techniques
  • communication strategy
  • Internet and e-marketing.

The effectiveness of your marketing and communication depends heavily on this!

Expansion’s assets

Expansion’s consultants have perfected a series of training and information modules to keep you up to date and enable you to maintain optimal efficiency.

Your advantages:
  • Practising marketing instructors in each of its specialised areas of expertise
  • Courses adapted to your sector and profile
  • Practical examples comparable to your situation
  • The choice between inter- or intra-company courses
  • The possibility of using your training cheques

Need basic knowledge or a proficiency course in marketing and communication?

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4 good reasons to follow training courses

  • To improve your company’s performance

  • To find out about the latest marketing and communication techniques

  • To put directly into practice the tricks and tips you have learnt

  • To challenge the instructors based on your own situation