The APOS or how to engage the customer in the shop

Advertising at the point of sale (APOS) includes all advertising communication materials used to draw consumers’ attention at the moment of purchase. It encompasses several tools allowing a product or commercial offer to be displayed or enhanced:

  • screens
  • posters
  • banners
  • displays on the floor or at the tills
  • signs
  • wobblers
  • floor stickers
  • window stickers
  • kakemonos
  • audio messages
  • advertising totem poles and banners
  • information kiosks
  • logos
  • interior and exterior signage at the point of sale.

The positives of Expansion

To show off to the maximum your products and services at the place where they are presented, we create customised APOS solutions:

  • attractive > original in terms of colours, shapes, techniques, materials, with everything meeting your brand’s established codes
  • adapted > taking into account the constraints of your points of sale
  • motivational > encouraging purchases.

Need help to encourage your clients to purchase at your point of sale?

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5 good reasons for doing APOS

  • To promote purchases at the POS

  • To promote a product or a commercial offer at your point of sale

  • To publicise a particular new product

  • To liven up your sales space

  • To help memorise an advertising message.