Visual identity and graphic line

Does your brand image not/no longer correspond to your positioning?
Get a consistent and professional visual identity!

A visual identity gives values to your organisation/brand

A brand’s visual identity comprises a logo, a typeface, visuals and/or illustrations, colour codes and particular graphic guidelines. It characterises your brand image.

The logo, the basis of your visual identity

An effective logo must:

  • meet your communication objectives
  • reflect your company’s position
  • be unique
  • safeguard its visibility and its impact on all your material
  • be trend-resistant.
And a graphic line?

The graphic line corresponds to the page layout guidelines for your communication materials:

  • image processing
  • page layout grid
  • position of the logo
  • use of colours.

These rules are formalised in a graphic charter (or book of rules) which ensures the graphic consistency of all your material.

The positives of Expansion

To develop a strong visual identity, Expansion is based on a tried and tested methodology:

  1. Visual and diagnostic review of your image
  2. Proposal of a number of creative approaches including elements of a visual identity: logo, colours, style, typography, etc.
  3. Finalising an approach and adaptation for various materials
  4. Potential development of a graphic charter
  5. Support in the registration and filing of your brand (optional).
Your benefits with Expansion:
  • Numerous references in visual identity creation in very varied sectors
  • A creative team of designers
  • Compliance with methodology for creating a visual identity
  • Upstream reflection of your positioning and your strategy
  • Good value for money.

8 good reasons for creating a strong visual identity

  • 1

    To improve your organisation’s/your brand’s image in the long term

  • 2

    To improve your image

  • 3

    To convey your positioning loudly and clearly

  • 4

    To increase your partners’ sense of belonging and pride

  • 5

    To reduce your communication costs by making it more consistent

  • 6

    To improve the impact of your advertising

  • 7

    To unites different target audiences

  • 8

    To attracts clients.

Some references in this field:

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