Year 2014

Communication review and strategy


As part of its development, conducting a review of its communication in order to assess improvements to be implemented and defining the future communication strategy.


A mission in two phases:

  • communication review: visual review, individual interview with different managers of the group and discussion group with staff members and beneficiaries
  • definition of a communication strategy and an action plan for both internal and external communication.


The group has a clear vision in terms of its communication plan. Furthermore, this mission has led to the development of a new graphic charter for the group.

L’INDC Entité Jolimontoise, aujourd’hui Groupe Jolimont, est un groupement d’institutions actives dans le domaine des soins de santé, de l’accueil de la personne âgée et des enfants. Il regroupe 4 hôpitaux, 7 maisons de repos, plusieurs crèches et polycliniques. Le Groupe Jolimont occupe 3700 personnes.