Social networks: set your sights on relevance!

In the last few years the social media have become a communication channel that communication strategies must reckon with, both for surveillance reasons and to improve one’s e-reputation. They are also a fast and easy way to get a loyal clientele via announcements of promotions, contests, news, and so on.

What is more, advertising on Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads is the most targeted way, along with SEA (service engine advertising, to identify and recruit new customers.

However, before you rush in, it is necessary to think about the relevance of your presence in social networks.

Expansion’s added value

Don’t know where to start? Expansion helps you devise a social network presence strategy.

We analyse the relevance of your activity to the various social networks based on an audit of your overall online presence, aims, and target groups.

Once this relevance has been proven,

Our experts can also train you to use these tools correctly.

Want to boost your presence in social networks?

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5 good reasons to be present in social networks

  • To secure customer loyalty: contests, promotions, etc.

  • To make yourself known to prospects via adverts

  • To take advantage of precise segmentation for your promotional actions

  • To know your customers better and adapt your services/products to their needs

  • To launch new products/services

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