Online actions that make converts

Search Engine Advertising or SEA is a paid referencing solution. It is one of the web marketing levers that brings the most qualified visitors to a Website, given that the surfer is in an active search phase. The leading search engine, Google, proposes AdWords to increase your online visibility.

The principle

Google AdWords displays your advertisements or announcements on Google according to a selection of keywords relevant to your business. The system works by auctioning keywords. If your Internet site’s SEO ranking is not optimal, AdWords is the only way to show up on the first page of Google’s search results.

The main advantages
  • Precise targeting: language, geographic zone, broadcasting times, etc.

  • Cost control: You set a maximum daily budget and pay only when someone clicks on your advert

  • Performance monitoring: Accurate statistics let you monitor your campaign’s effectiveness. Thanks to Google Analytics, you have a comprehensive view of each campaign’s impact on your website.

Expansion’s added value

Our Google AdWords-certified experts put their copywriting and technical expertise at your service. They help you to get the best return on your investment through the following four steps:

1. Preparation of actions

  • Determination of your targets and measurable goals: number of hits, conversion rate, etc.

  • Establishment of an appropriate action plan

2. Actions 

  • Reflection about the keywords to select

  • Drafting of your advertisements’ texts

3. Analysis of the results and optimisation 

Thanks to Google Analytics, we monitor your results blow by blow and take the necessary actions to improve your campaign.

4. Optimisation of returns on investments

We adapt your communication and Internet site in line with your visitors’ behaviour. For a better ROI it is sometimes useful to create a specific landing page for each campaign.

Want to attract more qualified visitors to your site? Besides AdWords campaigns, we can also manage your web banneringe-mailing, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and other campaigns.… 

Need to improve your presence on Google?

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5 good reasons to rely on Google AdWords experts

  • To increase your Internet site’s search engine visibility quickly

  • To take advantage of in-depth analysis that gives rise to relevant optimisations

  • To benefit from their copywriting and technical expertise

  • To show up in the first Google search results

  • To get a voucher worth at least € 75 when your AdWords account is created.