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Videos are an effective solution to capture your visitors’ attention. Whether it’s a corporate presentation, an animated clip, a promotion, or an event video, these productions have the advantage of being re-usable, at trade fairs or conferences, for example.

Motion design > Animate your audiovisual content

The role of the motion designer is to design and then to make graphic productions that include video, 3D animation, special effects, sounds, and even lettering.

This ‘rich media’ mixture can be used for:

  • presentation films,

  • music clips,

  • advertising messages,

  • digital signage (dynamic posters on shop displays),

  • and much more.

The possibilities are almost endless, with often very polished results.

Expansion’s added value

Expansion has the in-house creative and technical expertise to produce and animate your web videos. Our motion design experts create interactive animated audiovisual content according to the following methodology:

  • Production of ‘moodboards’ from your briefing: The moodboard gives an idea of the world used in the graphics’ animation.

  • Reflection and development of the storyboard: A visual representation of the shots that make up the video.

  • Drafting of the screenplay.

  • Production phase: Renderings of images, editing, calibration, and encoding. This step includes adaptations, technical cuts, motion design, creation of transition effects, choice of the right lettering, and inclusion of the text.

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5 good reasons to rely on web video experts

  • To have creative, personalised animated videos

  • To ‘clothe’ your videos with a design that corresponds to your graphic charter

  • To take advantage of endless possibilities for an aesthetic result

  • To dynamise your website

  • To attract your visitors’ attention