Video, a marketing tool with numerous advantages

Whether for an advertising commercial broadcast on television or a video to be watched on your website, your stand or your point of sale, video has numerous advantages thanks to the combination of sound and image.

In the form of corporate film or promotional clips, and whether broadcast on the web, at a stand, on display screens at points of sale or in large waiting rooms, videos have the great advantage of capturing the attention of visitors and web surfers.

The main advantages of video:
  • Increases interest in your message
  • Attracts new target audiences
  • Disseminates your communication easily
  • Makes your offer easier to understand, which promotes the purchase
  • Makes relations more human.
Different types of video:

The positives of Expansion

To be effective, the video must trigger a reaction from the viewer (laughter, rude remark, emotion, etc.) and generate a reaction from him/her (purchase, enquiries, information sharing, etc.). It is with this in mind that we create your videos and TV commercials.

Created using a precise scenario (summary and story board), video owes its effectiveness to the choice and arrangement of images coupled with a text calling for action, whether played by actors, audible as a voice-off or simply readable on-screen.

Your project is managed comprehensively thanks to our team which includes a producer, a director and technicians. Furthermore, you can benefit from the skills of our experts in motion design and commentary writing or advertising content.

You want to create a video, but how can you do this?

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4 good reasons for creating a video

  • To make your message credible

  • To embed your message in the memories of TV viewers or web surfers

  • To give your company/organisation a professional and modern image

  • To create interaction with the client.