Copywriting, ranging from editorial techniques to creativity

In order for it to be attractive, your communication material requires high-quality presentation and graphics. But nice visuals aren’t enough… Content is of crucial importance in meeting your objectives.

The copywriter’s job is thus to draw up attractive, effective, clear and correct content while adapting it:

  • to the intended purpose (action which the reader must perform) > quote or meeting request, purchase of a product, subscription to a newsletter, visit to a website, etc.
  • to the target audience for which the material is intended
  • to the media through which the material will be disseminated, in terms of tone, length and textual structure.

Furthermore, calling upon a copywriter ensures that spelling, syntax and typography in your documents is correct.

The positives of Expansion

On the basis of basic material or an interview with you, Expansion copywriters can complete various types of mission:

Each of these media impose very specific drafting rules handled by our copywriters. Their skills are synoptic, editorial and publicity based. This results in effective, clear, fluent and accessible content if need be.

Finally, we work with the best translation agencies to keep content just as effective among non-French speakers.

Is your head to the grindstone or have you got writer’s block?

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5 good reasons for using a copywriter

  • To give your content impact

  • To have texts that are adapted to your goals, your target audience and the media chosen

  • To convince those you are addressing

  • To put your ideas into action and present your plans clearly

  • To benefit from the clear overall vision of a professional outside your company/organisation