Have your product or service tested in the field!

Field marketing covers the marketing communication and event activities that are carried out in your points of sale or in the high street. The main aims are to increase brand awareness and to introduce people to a specific product or service.

A few ways to activate your brand:
  • Distribution of flyers, discount vouchers, and samples
  • Sales events in and outside points of sale
  • Tasting stands
  • POS advertising and merchandising
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Street marketing
  • Roadshows...- And much more

Expansion’s added value

Expansion can set up many different types of high added-value actions for your brand from start to finish.

Our contributions:
  • Determination of the best strategy to adopt, based on your briefing
  • Thought about the best venues for this strategy
  • Creation of sales media (stand, flyers, advertising items…)
  • Provision of proactive promoters, demonstrators, hostesses, parking stewards, etc., trained in the use of your product/service to serve as genuine ambassadors for your brand out in the field.
  • Drafting of detailed reports on meeting your objectives

To highlight your brand, product, or service most effectively!

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4 good reasons to do field marketing

  • 1. To increase brand awareness

  • 2. To have people discover a specific product or service

  • 3. To reach your targets in the flesh

  • 4. To secure your existing customers’ loyalty