Your commercial and institutional documents

Once your visual identity has been defined, it should be applied to all your materials, whether for:

  • stationery > headed paper, business cards, envelopes, faxes, order forms, invoices, etc
  • commercial documents > leaflets, brochures, booklets, folders, flyers, files, catalogues, etc.
  • institutional publishing > activity report, internal newsletter, etc.

This printed matter is produced in four stages:

Briefing meeting:

  • gathering information and list of existing elements: communication history, texts, visuals, graphic charter, etc.
  • Definition of objectives, constraints and planning.

Definition of layout (graphical layout): creation of a graphical project defining choice of colours, proportions, visuals, symbols, typography, page layout grid, signature rules, etc.

Editing: page layout and editing of different textual elements and photos and preparation of files before printing.

Production, printing, delivery follow-up (quality control)

The positives of Expansion

  • Marketing approach and advice
  • Creativity in terms of graphics and the choice of formatting and paper
  • Global support
  • Possible assistance in editing and proofreading of content

You can have certain subsidies for the creation of your material. Contact us to find out more!

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3 good reasons for developing consistent documents

  • To strengthen your image both externally and internally

  • To receive professional and effective communication tools

  • To increases the impact of your message.

Some references in this field: