Gain an objective view of the quality of your services

Mystery shopping is a study technique used to assess the quality of the services you offer. Researchers pretend to be customers and then check performance against an exhaustive checklist that can be used to measure factors such as the availability of your staff, customer service, cleanliness of the premises, telephone response time, quality of the service provided, your staff’s competence, etc.

This type of tool can be used to gather precise, objective information which is more detailed than that garnered by a conventional satisfaction survey. The result? You will pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. You can then apply corrective measures so as to improve the satisfaction of your real customers.

Expansion’s assets

  • Provision of a pool of in-house or freelance investigators
  • Mystery shopping undertaken throughout Belgium
  • Online reporting tool
  • Creation of customised reporting tools
  • Guaranteed rigour in surveys
  • Missions undertaken in all types of sector: retail, transport, public service, B2B, etc.
  • Staff training proposals

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8 good reasons to go mystery shopping

  • To benefit from a fast, rigorous, and objective method of assessing the quality of your service

  • To examine a wide range of criteria

  • To measure all types of service: commercial, technical, telephone, etc.

  • To create a basis for a ‘customers’ charter’

  • To analyse the competition as regards quality of service

  • To detect any fraud

  • To establish a scoreboard to let you trigger actions at given moments

  • To compare the internal view of the company with actual customer satisfaction

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