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tudies are the indispensable preliminary stage to most marketing processes, especially for a new product launch. Qualitative studies in particular are intended to gain an understanding of attitudes and behaviour, or of the needs and expectations of users and potential or actual customers

Conducted through individual interviews or discussion groups, they provide a wealth of accurate information. They are sometimes supplemented by quantitative studies

Expansion’s assets

  • Study management from A to Z
  • Detailed reports
  • Experienced team
  • Studies conducted throughout Belgium (bilingual)
  • Recruitment of participants (if need be)
  • Regular cooperation with various universities

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6 good reasons to conduct a qualitative study

  • To gain an in-depth understanding of the purchasing behaviour of your current/potential customers

  • To carry out market tests on new products/services

  • To test prototypes

  • To determine the right messages for a communication campaign

  • To test the ergonomics of your future website

  • To detect your customers’ needs and offer them appropriate products/services

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