Reduce your event outlays!

Are you organising an event, trade fair, opening, etc.? To reduce your outlay, you can turn to sponsors and partners.

Several types of support are possible:
  • Financial support: subsidies and grants
  • Support in kind: provision of merchandise; material, human, or technical resources; and services
  • Visibility swaps, etc.

Expansion’s added value

Our multilingual sales reps can help you find sponsors for your event. Target prospective sponsors with greater accuracy thanks to our database and knowledge of business affinities.

In the case of media partners, we propose swaps and trade agreements that will guarantee maximal results for your business

Your other advantages:
  • Rigorous methodology that is tried and true
  • Comprehensive management of your sponsor search: creation of a partnership file and agreement and follow-up in the field (to check, for example, that your partners’ signs and media are well situated)

Take advantage of our experience: you’ll save time and gain in efficiency!

Want to reduce your event outlays?

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4 good reasons to subcontract your search for sponsors

  • To ensure maximal support for your event

  • To contact relevant targets

  • To benefit from comprehensive management

  • To benefit from the experience of specialists