Good advertising is the fruit of a creative process

An individual can be exposed to 1,600 adverts each day! Among them, she retains only a dozen, so it’s essential to stand out from the crowd.

The skill is to define the relevant consumer benefit, the reasons for believing in it and the advertising message that will get through. And to express all this in simple, effective, original and striking visuals and slogans!

In strategic terms, the message of a good advert must be consistent with the target audience, the communication objectives and the promise chosen.

A good advert starts with a good briefing. This must indicate the context, the competitive environment, the strategy, the constraints, the objectives, the targets, etc.

The positive of Expansion

We ensure that our advertising:

  • has a strong message
  • allows the type of product/services and the brand to be identified directly
  • delivers the main part of the message immediately
  • can be understood by the target audience
  • is convincing
  • stands outs from your competitors’ advertising
  • offers a credible promise.

Depending on the media chosen for broadcasting, your advert is then ready to be made available in radio, TV or cinema advertising broadcast under a media plan that we can make with you. We can also create the advertising text organise photo shoots.

Your benefits with Expansion:
  • Lengthy experience
  • A multidisciplinary creative team with a copywriter, an art director, etc.
  • Relevant creative ideas that respond to the briefing and meet objectives
  • Results-orientated approach
  • Complies with constraints: technical, budgetary, regulatory, etc.

Does your advertising lack impact?

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4 good reasons for doing advertising

  • To stand out from your competitors

  • To increases your sales

  • To improve your image

  • To modify your brand’s perceived image.

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