Year 2012

Overhaul of an online legal services platform


  • To migrate the website to a modern and upgradeable CMS platform
  • To give a more modern general image


  • Work on ergonomics and design

  • Complete development of the new site Drupal 7

  • Migration of the entire database of questions/answers within the new site

  • Theme built in a fully responsive manner

  • Permanent monitoring of search engine optimisation (natural referencing)

  • Creation of a new logo and a visual identity.


  • A refreshed image
  • A database accessible to all including over 2,000 questions/answers
  • A readable website whatever the web user’s screen size
  • Precise configuration of conversion objectives in Google Analytics allowing careful analysis of traffic results.

An interlinked organisation comprising legal experts, Droits Quotidiens (Daily Rights) provides everyone with information that is relevant and constantly updated in different areas of law. Objective: to provide everybody with access to the right legal information at the right time.